Explore and describe one specific experience/challenge that relates to Leadership concepts/theories discussed in class (2 marks) What were the leadership characteristics or qualities you witnessed and/or experienced?

transformational leadership skills.
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Submission & APA format (12 font, New Times Roman, double-spaced)
4-6 pages Submit an electronic copy to Safe Assign on your assigned due date, essay not submitted will not be marked. There will be a max of 5 attempts.
**Essays are to be less than 25% report match on safe assign
Late submission will have 5% deducted per day Accurate title page/reference list (2 mark) Accurate citations in essay (2 mark)

Only papers with no grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors are eligible for full marks (2 marks) Minimum 4 relevant references from a variety of current sources (include two recent evidence-based nursing journal articles) (4 marks)
Content and Ideas Why were they important? Essay must be written in the first person. Explore and describe professional, social, cultural, personal and environmental factors that may be influencing your leadership development. Explain how and/or why they impacted your experience. (5 marks) As part of this analysis you are required to examine how the experience made you feel and how you have grown and developed your transformational leadership skills as a result of the experience. It should be honest and include details to support the leadership skills you are discussing in your essay. Throughout this paper, you need to clearly support your analysis, thoughts and ideas with references from the literature. A good critical analysis essay should help you understand the literature. Theoretical references should come from the literature including 1. communication,
2. leadership theory,
3. decision-making,
4. critical thinking,
5. power,
6. conflict management and
7 change management theory. **Discuss at least 6 of these concepts.**Use extensive incorporation of evidence-based research into content to support ideas presented in your essay, and your ideas on the topic extensively researched; * supported with in-text citations following APA format. (12 marks) TAKE NOTE
What are your thoughts about the next stage in your education (consolidation), your entry into the profession, and future career? How did this experience and/or challenge impact, shape, and change you? How will you ensure you continue to develop knowledge, skills and leadership qualities to remain competent? Consider consolidation, orientation, working with preceptors, future education and development in your nursing career.What will you need for in the future of nursing? What are the leadership skills you need to work on and develop? What actions and strategies will you implement to be successful in nursing? (6 marks)

Secondary References: Actions & Strategies: /25Grade total
15 % of Final mark /35