Explain why Julian Treasure quotes Jean-Luc Nancy: Sonority is time and meaning. Pick one of Julian Treasure’s tips for better listening.

Double-space your answers and post as a word attachment. Write at least a page for each question. Your test should be four to six pages. Stay focused upon material in the book and information in Julian Treasures presentation.
Question One (Chapter Two):(The Johari Window) Pick two of the theories of mis-perception: self-fulfilling prophecy, personality theory, primacy-recency, stereotyping, consistency, attribution of control. Explain them in your own words and give examples. (see page numbers above) Question Two (Chapter Three):What is the difference between hearing and listening? Explain the styles of effective listening. (pages 61 67) Question Three (Chapter Three):Review the slides here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. on hearing vs. listening. What are three areas from chapter three which you would add to the slides? Question Four: Explain why it is important in human communication.