Explain what went well in your activity, and why. Then, explain what you would do differently, and why.

Describe the literacy lesson you developed using the Instructional Plan Template (located in the MSED Documents area under Course Home) that addresses the needs of the academically diverse learners in your classroom.

Detail instances of learning that will help your students prepare for college and career readiness through real-world applications.
Explain whether you think this literacy lesson should be used more often in your classroom, and why. Make sure to match your reasoning to the ILA standards by detailing how your professional practice has changed or been transformed and how that transformation has impacted the learning of your students.
Include how you are applying your gained content knowledge by collaborating with your teaching colleagues.
Finally, explain steps you will take to diversify your lessons to support the needs of academically diverse learners.
Submit your paper with the completed Instructional Plan Template and student work samples as appendices as a single document.