Explain the event significance, why you selected it, and how it shaped structures and understandings of labour unions and the working class.

Topic: 1987-1988 Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement: Significant because it had, and continues to have, a major effect on workers. It was also largely unpopular with unions, at least in English Canada.Specific requirements are as follows:. . Determine if the result of the event left labour and working class in a better, worse, or simply different position.. Conclude by determining if the event, its direct changes, and its wider societal impact tells us something about contemporary Canadian workers, unions, other social justice groups, and the state itself..In fulfilling the above three points, be sure to incorporate relevant secondary research on the given event, and those similar to it. In doing this, you should aim to both summarize the included historiography, but also give your own viewpoint on relative to other historians’ understanding of the event.