Explain how the use of medical marijuana affects both the community and the organization in terms of promoting health and wellness.

For this assessment, imagine your supervisor asks you to write an article on a controversial topic for the organization’s monthly newsletter in which you review the most recent research on the topic. She stresses you must present a balanced overview and equally address the pros and cons of the topic.The topic for this article is:
The use of medical marijuana.The information you use to support your work in this assessment must be as recent as possible.Note: These are very broad topics. Limit your work to the scope of Nursing practice and be mindful of the page-length requirements.Requirements
Using the topic of The use of medical marijuana, organize your article as you wish. Be sure to include the following:Explain the appropriate use of the pharmacology related to The use of medical marijuana.Include elements such as diseases or health concerns associated with medical marijuana and the efficacy and applicability of the pharmacology.Explain the relationship between quality patient outcomes, patient safety, and use of the pharmacology related to medical marijuana.Remember to address both the benefits and limitations of the pharmacology in terms of specific diseases and populations.Describe any inequities regarding access to the pharmacology related to medical marijuana. Is access limited to specific groups or populations? Who determines access? On what is it based?