Examine ways in which power and privilege affect the policy process. Identify the influential groups and decision-makers who participate in the policy process.

Assignment Objectives This assignment is designed to measure your achievement of the following course objectives: Describe and critique the process of social policy formation, the planning process, and the linkages between practice, planning, policy, and implementation. Identify ways in which social welfare programs are responsible for administering and delivering categories of service. Apply the values underlying the Catholic Intellectual Tradition with the virtue of social justice in change efforts in organizations and communities. Instructions This project will be a 7-10 page paper in APA format. Consider this a paper that you are writing for a new social work student to read. You want them to understand a social problem that is important to you, the history of that problem, who it affects, and what is being done to address it. Your project will address the following four points: Define the problem as it is viewed today. What is it? How do we know it is a problem? Describe the ways in which it affects at least one group of people who are members of vulnerable or marginalized population. How many are affected, how significantly are they affected, etc. Describe important changes in how this problem has been viewed throughout at least two of the time periods covered by this class, including any time period from the English Poor Laws or Colonial times, up through 2000. Describe two key policies related to this problem that are currently actively being implemented. What level of government is the policy? When was it implemented? What does it do? The project will also include an APA style title page and APA style reference page, not included in the page count. While there is no specific number of required references for this project, previous students have used 5-10 references, on average. You are encouraged to use the readings for the course, including textbooks, as well as journals from the Sacred Heart University Library. The use of non-scholarly online sources is possible if you are confident in the source, but you must get approval from the instructor prior to use. There are several steps to completing this project, which you will submit throughout the term.