Evaluate the cultural analysis of an interpreter of Scripture. To interpret the New Testament well, you need to know the cultural and historical background of the New Testament and how to apply that to understand particular texts.

You also need to know how to evaluate the work of others to see if their understanding and application of the cultural background is accurate. You will hear many sermons and teachings in your lifetime proposing ways cultural connections illumine texts. Some will be right. Others will be way off. A goal of this course is to enable you to discern well what is being taught. Learning Activity #4: Evaluation Discussion Choose two commentaries and read their discussion of the passage you selected for Learning Activity #3. You will want to read the introduction where they discuss the historical background of the city as well. In your discussion, provide an analysis of each commentary, detailing where the author was accurate, where the author may have overreached, and where you have questions that need further investigation. You do not have to investigate further. You just need to identify the question and tell what you would research and where you would look to find the answer.