Duiscuss How relevant are the motives of the crimes committed in these stories? What techniques are most significant in creating an effect of terror for the reader?

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most influential writers on the genre of gothic horror fiction, and tales such as The Cask of Amontillado and The Tell-Tale Heart are notable for effects of terror and the macabre. Write a paper on Poes gothic style and technique, focusing on the ways in which he leads the reader into the depths of a troubled individual, using first-person narration to establish sympathy and identification.Papers must be double-spaced, printed in 12-point font with 1 margins, with a descriptive title and a works cited page (following MLA Style). You should support your argument with specific examples and well-integrated quotations from the text, being sure to cite any sources in the body of your essay. All papers should be proofread for grammar, syntax and spelling before bringing to the required peer-review workshop.Please consider the following while writing the essay1.Descriptive Title: does the paper have a descriptive title (ie one that tells the reader something about the topic and approach of the paper?)
2.Thesis/Opening paragraph: is the thesis statement of the paper clear in the first paragraph? Is it clear by the end of the first paragraph what the main argument will be and which stories and authors will be discussed in the paper? Is the thesis interesting and engaging (making you want to keep reading the paper)?
3.Paragraph structure/transitions: does each paragraph begin with a key point–connected to the papers thesis–and then develop that point? Are there clear transitions between paragraphs, allowing the argument to develop in a logical way? (Avoid beginning a paragraph with And Also or But.)
4.Evidence: is each key point in the essay supported with evidence from the story/stories? Does the evidence (such as specific examples and quotations) provide clear support for the argument? Could the evidence be strengthened or clarified? Does the paper use brief relevant quotations that blend into the paper (avoid long block quotations)?
5.Style/Clarity of Expression: does the writing style make the argument easy to follow? Are there points where the clarity of expression could be improved to make the argument clearer?6.Conclusion: does the paper have a strong conclusion that ties up the various themes of the argument and provides a sense of closure? Does the conclusion make clear that the author has accomplished what s/he set out to do in the opening paragraph?7.Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation: Please mark any errors you notice in these areas: for example plural/singular not consistent, past/present tense not consistent, run-on sentences (with clauses not properly separated)8.Format: is the paper printed in 12-point font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins?
9.Works Cited/References: does this contain all stories cited in the paper?