does the article contain any information “breakthrough” information?

Reviews should be 2-3 pages with a copy of the article attached to each review. -summarize what the article is about. Your review should mainly reflect your personal opinions on the article as well as how it affects you and the field of organizational culture, leadership, change and adaptation. -Reviews should include: 1 titel page, 2-3 pages of content double spaced using times new romans, 12 point font. (all citations should be in APA format). (3) reference page using apa format. -content should include: (1) a summarization of the most important details of the article, (2) explain why the article is important-some. Questions for consideration are: will the information contained within this article cause other people in the field to change their ideas about the subject matter or does it simply revisit information that is already known in the filed. (3) Personal evaluation of the article- Was the article well written and clear? Was any information missing that would have been helpful to understanding the topic better? How does this article connect with your studies in organizational Leadership? How does this article relevant to organizational culture? How can the information contained in this article help you to be more successful in your organization? Please make the actual paper at least 2 full pages as this is a 2 to 3 page paper.