Does social media have an impact on gang violent crimes

Does social media have an impact on gang crime because of the increase of violence taking place relating to social media and gangs. Gangs are seen recording videos of their violent actions, stabbing, fighting and shootings. Gangs are also letting the public know what type of weapons they have accesses to or own, making it clear they are ready to go into war, retaliate and attack. Theses gangs are also using social media to glorify their violent actions towards their victims. This particular subject has very low literature resources and the increase of social media use and gang violent increasing has become very concerning , its important for the criminal justice system and for the public interest that more research is conducted around this field. Since the internet has become part of our everyday life, and we have been introduced to all different types of social media sites and apps that allow us to share images, videos, communicate and other personal information online the increase of cybercrime continues to increase. I have become interested in how the use of social media can influence gang related crimes. My research question Does social media have an impact on gang crime? Social media apps like instagram, snapchat, facebook gives every user options to upload pictures, videos and write status and share this with ns friends or the public depending on the users privacy settings. Some of these social media apps allow people to leave comments, like your post, subscribe to you or request you as a friend. Some people use these apps as platforms for networking and business purposes. Its been identified Gangs however use these apps to communicate, exploit vulnerable victims, intermediate victims, upload music videos, videos of attacks , cash, and get rich quick scheme lifestyle. These gangs user are now using social media as opportunity to gain popularity and network with other gangs across the globe. I would like to further my research on the impact it has on gang crime. How does social media influence and encourage crime? The material context that they are been exposed to does that influence them to commit crime? Is being in a gang glorified? Do they feel under pressure due to social media to commit crime? What types of crimes are influenced by social media? Does social media teach them new ways of committing crime? I will be using quantitative research method, interviewing 6 gang members asking them a set of questions relating to my research question. I will ask them how social media has changed the environment where crime is committed I will also research studies that have been made about cycber banging relating to gangs in south of Chicago an area known for daily shootings and homicide connected to drill music uploaded on social media sites. Youth Street Gangs: A Critical Appraisal David C. Brotherton 2015 Gang War Peter Walsh 2003 Crime, Justice and Social Media Michael salter 2017 Please let me know what you think?