Does it affect a subgroup of people more than others? [For example: youth, elders, different races, cultures or genders?

This assignment will help you to understand the valuable contribution you can make in your community by using your sociological knowledge, research skills, and problem solving skills to creatively propose a community outreach program that will help the needy in your community. In this assignment, assume that you have been offered the opportunity to apply for a $100,000 grant from a local Government initiative to fund new community projects. Develop a strong argument using the data gathered to support the creation of the community engagement program as well as design a program that will have positive outcomes for the community and the groups the program serves.The Proposal should be prepared in 3 Sections.
(PLEASE NOTE, SECTION 1 HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND IS ATTACHED)Section 1 – In Week 4, Discussion 1 you were asked to do the following: Choose a social issue from the list provided that is experienced in your community:
o General Community Homelessness
Build a defense of why this is an important social issue in your community that needs addressing by completing the following steps:
o Perform a Google search of the internet to find what Government and local data is available on the issue or the group of people it affects. ]. Take note of the data you find.
o Perform a Google search of the internet of community and political groups [Republican, Democrat, Green Party, etc…] which address this issue in their platform. What do they have to say? What are their perspectives?
o Find 4 scholarly articles in which the social issue is generally discussed.
o Report this data fully in your paper/proposal.
o Some of the information you gather may be in data form. Here are some examples of how data can be presented in your paper/proposal:
and prepare a bullet point list of all the variables you found
Male 45% (n=45,000)
Female 55% (n=55,000)etc.Now complete the following:Section 2 – Research existing community engagement projects which address the social issue you have chosen: (Homelessness) Perform a Google internet search based on your social issue for example community engagement youth or community programs hunger
Find two existing examples of programs that address the social issue you have chosen. [US programs are preferred, however programs from another country are permitted.]
Present these two programs, including where it is, whom it serves, and any information you can get on effectiveness and how it has helped the community.Section 3 – The Community Engagement Proposal/Final PaperSimilar to the programs you researched in Section 2, create your own program and write a proposal to apply for the $100,000 government grant. For this part of the assignment you are asked to get creative and design a program that if money was not an issue — you think would be practical to implement and would help address the social issue you selected. Sections 1 and 2 will be integrated into this proposal. Use the Assignment Template (attached)to guide the format of your paper.
Use the document titled, The Nine Key Elements of Successful Proposals (attached) to help you with examples of what the sections in the Assignment Template are looking for and to provide a guide for you with wording of your statements.The Proposal/Final Paper: Must be 8 double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages), and formatted according to APA style.
Must include a title page with the following:
o Title of paper
o Students name
o Course name and number
o Instructors name
o Date submitted
Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
Must use at least six scholarly sources.