Discuss Why is tuition so high?

Why is tuition so high?: The University of California Just Jacked Up Its Tuition. Why Your State Could Be Next MUST READ BELOW ARTICLE…..FIRST (I have also attached a copy..MUST READ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/11/21/the-university-of-california-just-jacked-up-its-tuition-why-your-state-could-be-next/?utm_term=.1b88a40145fd Must reference: Mateer, D., & Coppock, L. (2018). Principles of microeconomics. (2nd ed.) New York, NY: W. W. Norton. ISBN: 9780393671148. Thread must contain at least two cited references in current APA format and 1 full page. Acceptable research sources include periodicals, journals, newspapers, magazines, and the Bible. Sources such as Wikipedia, About.com, book reviews, and blogs are prohibited. You may complete the required research using the Jerry Falwell Library website In the opening paragraph, provide a summary of the article or podcast. In the second paragraph, explain an economic idea contained in the story. Specifically, note how the economic idea plays a prominent role in the story. In the third paragraph, explain what you think about the events in the story. You do not have to agree with what is going on, but you do need to provide your reaction to it. This is your chance to express yourself: what are your opinions? Be sure to defend yourself. Finally, what do you think is a Christian response to this situation? Does this differ from what economists would think? Provide details to support your view (in other words, do not just say Christians wouldnt act the same way as economists). Title your thread according to your topic.