Discuss the use of performance metrics.

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Continuing with the same position discussed in Part I and II of this project, determine recommendations for individual pay within the scope of pay-for-performance.o (200 words) Discuss how you will link the hypothetical organizations strategy to pay-for-performance and performance management. Include the following in your discussion:
The behaviors that are most important based on the corporate goals.
How you will ensure equity and fairness in the pay-for-performance plan.
How you will ensure compliance with existing laws.o (400 words) Outline the pay-for-performance plan for this position. Include a discussion on each of the following types of plans and whether or not they are appropriate for this position in this organization:
Short term pay-for-performance plans
Team incentive plans
Long-term incentive planso (100 words) Describe how you will use performance appraisals in compensation decisions.

Determine the philosophy for merit guidelines.
Continuing with the same position discussed in Part I and II of this project, determine an employee benefits plan.o (200 words) Discuss the components to be considered in your overall benefit plan. Include the following in your discussion:
Employer factors such as total compensation costs, cost of benefits, competitor offerings, role of benefits, and legal requirements.
Employee factors such as equity/fairness and personal needs.
How you will manage cost containment.o (100 words) Provide a checklist that ensures you are including all legally required benefits.o (400 words) Discuss your design options and choices for a legal and balanced approach to employee benefits. Include in your discussion the four primary categories of employee benefits:
Retirement and savings plans
Life Insurance
Medical benefits
Miscellaneous benefits