Discuss The relationship between team diversity and organizational effectiveness

Based on Essentials of Research Methods, by Keeok Park ISBN: 978098434461 structure. You must write the review of the literature on your topic The relationship between team diversity and organizational effectiveness ( See attachment for introduction and hypotheses). Using uploaded articles to create the content or any other resources. Total articles uploaded 5, please confirm that you have received all documents. Review of the Literature This chapter presents an organized review of the relevant literature. The review should explain the current status of the literature on the topic. The most important item that needs to be included in this chapter is the review of the studies that support the respective relationships in the stated hypotheses. In the process of presenting the studies that support the hypotheses, we may also present some studies that contradict the hypotheses. It is best to organize the literature review around the research hypotheses (or around the dependent and independent variables). A suggestion is to identify the relationship being tested in each hypothesis and using these as the sub-headings. The last part of this chapter should clearly explain why/how your study is different from the existing studies that are reviewed in this chapter. We need to review a minimum of 5 scholarly articles that are written on the chosen topic.