Discuss The relationship between celebrity endorsement and consumer spending through pie charts and secondary data analysis

1)The most direct factor in establishing a celebrity endorsement.

3)The impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer spendingevery part need 3 or 4 referencesi will show you my introduction:
The structure of the article is Introduction background, data analysis, conclusion, analysis of advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is to increase awareness. The disadvantage is that it may only make the customers remember that the celebrities did not remember the product which the celebrities endorsement.
Celebrities , because of their high visibility and high exposure, have been regarded as the best medium for goods to reach consumers. Therefore, the use of celebrities to promote corporate products, thereby increasing product awareness, and thereby expanding the market share of products is the reason most companies promote sales. The best means.
Advertising endorsements, that is, convey the brand’s distinct and unique personality claims in the form of image endorsements, enable the product to establish some kind of external or internal connection with the target customer group, and thus smoothly enter the consumer’s life vision and achieve the mutual understanding with the mind. Collide, establish a certain image and position in the heart, make the brand become a “sign” with special meaning and super value
Background is data shows that celebrity endorsement products are often sold much more than products without celebrity endorsements(Bhavesh, K. and Rajnikant, P. 2015).. In consumer behavior, consumer’s psychological activity occupies a high position in the system of influencing factors of consumer behavior. Therefore, the advertisement will use different appeal methods to attract consumers, require the consumer to grasp the psychological, make it a psychological change, and then generate a purchase motivation, and finally pay a certain purchase behavior.
Many companies develop their products by taking advantage of the consumer’s psychology, such as celebrity endorsements, or thesamestyleand thesamekindof celebrities.
Previous studies have said two things. First, popularity, celebrity shows that there is a certain degree of popularity enough to attract the public eye, and even can lead to public discussion( C S, J. 2013).. Second, celebrities have a good public image, including all aspects in and out of the world, which makes the public feel more trustworthy( Chung, S. and Cho, H. 2017). But they didn’t mention the degree of integration, the degree of matching of stars and their endorsement products is also very important.
Research question:
What is the direct effect of celebrity endorsement?
1)The most direct factor in establishing a celebrity endorsement.
2)The relationship between celebrity endorsement and consumer spending through pie charts and secondary data analysis
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