Discuss the dangers of failing to consider the validity of a research study.

To prepare:
Review information on rigor and validity.
Read the method section of one of the following quasi-experimental studies and identify at least one potential concern that could be raised about the studys internal validity.o Metheny, N. A., Davis-Jackson, J., & Stewart, B. J. (2010). The effectiveness of an aspiration risk-reduction protocol. Nursing Research, 59(1), 1825.
o Padula, C. A., Hughes, C., & Baumhover, L. (2009). Impact of a nurse-driven mobility protocol on functional decline in hospitalized older adults. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 24(4), 325331.
o Yuan, S., Chou, M., Hwu, L., Chang, Y., Hsu, W., & Kuo, H. (2009). An intervention program to promote health-related physical fitness in nurses. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18(10),1,4041,411. Consider strategies that could be used to strengthen the studys internal validity and how this would impact the three other types of validity.
Think about the consequences of an advanced practice nurse neglecting to consider the validity of a research study when reviewing the research for potential use in developing an evidence-based practice.Write the title of the study that you selected and your analysis of the potential concerns that could be raised about the studys internal validity. Propose recommendations to strengthen the internal validity and assess the effect your changes could have with regard to the other three types of validity.