Discuss how the message of the cross might have been a stumbling block for those who heard it. Bring into the discussion knowledge of the city of Corinth as well as your knowledge of Greco-Roman philosophies.

Objective 2: Apply the material learned throughout the course to the interpretation of a particular New Testament passage. You will now get to enjoy applying what you have learned to a particular passage in the New Testament, and digging deep to see how the cultural background gives insight into the passage. Be honest in your discussion. Find where the cultural background illumines the text and supports it, but dont overreach. The temptation will be to find parallels where there are none. Learning Activity #3: Interpretation Response Use what you have learned in the course and apply it to the interpretation of one of these two passages in 2-3 pages: 1. Philippians 2:9-11: Discuss how the Lordship of Jesus and the declaration Jesus is Lord, would have been heard within the Greco-Roman context as well as the context and history of the city of Philippi. Discuss as well how this declaration might have been extra scandalous given the history and culture of Philippi. 2. 1 Corinthians 1:21-25: How would the message of the cross be compared with these? Post your response as an attachment to the drop box titled Interpretation Response. APA formatting is not necessary except when resources required citation. THESE ARE THE BOOKS USED IN THIS COURSE. The World That Shaped The New Testament by Calvin Roetzel and Exploring The New Testament World by Albert A. Bell Jr