discuss and analyse the data of the audit you have undertaken and prepare a short individual presentation (consisting of a poster/presentation and a voice over commentary) of no more than 10 minutes on the findings.

Students will work alone to audit either where they live, including if on campus.The audit data collection will follow the steps in an audit toolkit or instrument, developed at the UNSW Built Environment Program by Professor Susan Thompson, Dr Jennifer Kent and others. Audits of this kind are used in various ways by planners, public health officials, and decision makers. Audits can contribute to broader Health Impact Assessments. A list of audit tools can be found in the audit assessment advice documentPreview the document. The purpose of the audit will be to carefully identify and assess the health issues and impacts of a built environment that is familiar to the student. (poster could be a number of slides, it could be a video, it could be a single power point slide.)