Develop historical themes using events and individuals from vastly different time periods.

Historical Theme Assignment #1 OVERVIEW:For this project, you will be writing an analysis of an aspect of American history during the time period the first unit our course covers (exploration to 1760) and comparing it to how this issue exists in the United States today.SLO:SLO #3 Demonstrate the mastery of higher-level analytical skills.Illustrate the realities of history’s interconnectedness through the ability to compare and contrast events, times, individuals.

Evaluate and analyze the connection between events in other parts of the world and developments in the United States.
Offer an appraisal of the cyclical nature of history.DIRECTIONS:The first step is to select one broad historical topic from the three you previously listed.
Next, find an example that connects to your topic from the first section of our course:
Lectures:Pre-Columbian America and the Rise of an Atlantic World
An English Plantation Society in the Chesapeake and Puritan New England
American Freedom, American Slavery
Awakening An Empire
Give Me Liberty! Textbook: Chapters 1-4Then, find two current primary sources that pertain to your topic today.
One must be a written source from a credible newspaper (The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Sacramento Bee, etc.)
The other can be any one of the following: TED talk, film, TV show, song, social media source, etc.
The first section of your paper (1-2) pages should be analyzing your topic from early American history. The second section (1-2) pages of your paper should be analyzing the depictions of current events in American society today. In your conclusion, analyze what consistencies you see and how this topic has changed over time.
FORMAT:Your paper should be 34 pages in length (1100 word minimum), double-spaced, 12-point font. Please include a heading rather than a title page. The heading should include your name, the class, my name, the date, and the word count followed by a title.Sample Student HIST 312 Prof. July 4, 1776 Word Count: 1100Immigration in AmericaSOURCES:Your paper should use academic language and analyze the evidence from your sources. You must include citations from your textbook and the sources you analyze. Please include a Works Cited page. Use direct quotes from your sources to support your claims and follow proper MLA formatting and citation, as explained in this handout: All papers will be screened for plagiarism by vericite in Canvas. Per the syllabus and campus policy, any plagiarized submissions will receive a 0. EXAMPLE:If I were focusing on the topic of immigration, in part 1, I might write about the various migrants to colonial America. I would compare the Spanish to the English migrants and compare indentured servants to the Puritans in New England. I would analyze their various aspects of their lives, including their motives, backgrounds, race relations with Native Americans, gender relations, and roles in colonial economies.For my current primary sources in part 2, I might use this recent New York Times article about a recent ruling on DACA: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.and analyze this TED talk by Sayu Bhojwani on the value of immigrant participation in a democracy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.In my conclusion, I would compare and contrast the experiences and challenges facing immigrants in America from the colonial period to today.