Develop a Strategic Quality Management Implementation Plan for the Department of Veterans Affairs, specifically the disability claims processing unit of the VA.

The Strategic Quality Management Implementation Plan (Section 3) is to be written as a document submitted to an executive team. Due to this, you may present the material in Section 3 in more of a report fashion rather than as an academic paper. The plan must be based on current research (including theory and practice) that is appropriate for the unique context of the organization selected. Think of the plan as a subset of the entire paper. In support of your plan, write a 10 page literature review that focuses on the basis for the quality management tool/technique Total Quality Management (TQM). Include at least 15 scholarly peer-reviewed references. The literature review must be included as an appendix (Section 4 of the format below); it must not be included in Section 3. Note: Sections 1, 2, 4, and 5 must be in current APA format. The assignment must be submitted in compliance with the requirements found in the Strategic Quality Management Implementation Grading Rubric. The assignment must be a minimum of 20 pages (not including the title page, abstract, and reference page). Format 1. Title page 2. Abstract 3. Strategic Quality Management Implementation Plan must include the following: a. Introduction b. Organizational context (background, structure, leadership, and culture) c. Quality statement (how your organization approaches quality) d. Identification of quality problem/process to improve e. Goals and objectives f. Model and methodology g. Structure/scope (include who does what, stakeholder involvement, and communication plan)