Describe your program by outlining the goals, objectives, resources, and target group. Include an implementation plan, and a plan for evaluating the program.

As you work through the Quizzes for this course, you will identify a public health problem, consider alternative strategies to address it, select a single strategy among the alternatives you have identified, and develop a program to implement this strategy. All of this work will be undertaken in consultation with your tutor.The final exercise is to write a term paper which reflects the work you have done in the three Quizzes. A summary of the three Quizzes will not be accepted as the final term paper. The term paper should include:a literature review which provides some evidence that the problem is significant and requires intervention;
an outline of several different strategies that have been developed and implemented, and an analysis of their relative efficacy;
a strategy that you have developed based on your understanding of the public health problem, and the issues that you have identified with the strategies that others have implemented; and
an outline of a program using the strategy you have created.
The length of the paper is to be 10 to 12 doublespaced pages using 12 point type.Your term paper will be assessed on the basis of:content, clarity, and synthesis of information;
its success in answering the questions identified in the Quizzes;
its success in applying the principles of prevention to the investigation of the a public health problem;
your demonstrated awareness of the personnel, programs, and clients and others concerned with the public health problem;
the appropriateness of the proposed intervention;
the clarity and completeness of the presentation. Your paper must be presented in an organized manner using correct English; and
References should be in American Psychological Association style. Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. Whenever you use material that is not original the sources must be referenced properly. References will be verified by the tutor and the paper will be evaluated for plagiarism. Refer to the section of this manual titled Intellectual integrity.