Describe what is known, if anything, about the reliability and validity of your measurement strategies, and describe what you have done in your design to improve or measure the reliability and validity.

Evaluation Design Assignment Intro The syllabus describes the activities of this paper as evaluating five evaluations and designing a new evaluation. You need details about the purpose and options. First, it will help you to remember that you have now a big package of tools in your toolkit (things you have learned), and ideas about evaluation and measurement, at your disposal. Purposes One goal of this paper is to demonstrate that you can apply the tools in your toolkit to make good decisions about the quality of evaluations and measurement, and you do this in your critique of those five evaluations. A second goal is to demonstrate that you can apply what you have learned about evaluation to design a new evaluation. A third goal is to demonstrate that you can take what you learned from those five evaluations and apply it to your own design. More on evaluations An ideal plan is to have five program evaluations about the same type of program, for example, interventions to help youth as they age out of care, street-youth programs, early childhood development, outdoor adventure experiences. This makes the paper easier because you can summarize what you have learned from all five program evaluations to set up your own design. It might be difficult to find five program evaluations for some professional practices. If so, try to find at least three, and then locate two relevant research articles. Format The precise organization of your paper may vary, but there are some things that your paper must have: A review and critique of the program evaluations, including a description of what you learned from them that contributed to your own evaluation design. A brief description of the program for which you are designing an evaluation. An evaluation plan that includes a description of a) the type of evaluation (using one of the choices from the textbook), b) the sampling strategy (you have to use at least one), c) a brief action plan, from Tool K in the textbook, and d) the variables and measurement instruments you are including in your evaluation. Tools L and M might be useful in this regard. You are only required to measure two variables; your evaluation plan does not have to be huge. One of these variables needs to be measured with quantitative data, with a scale, and the other needs to be measured with qualitative data. The scale can be one you develop, or it can be one someone else has developed.