*Describe the issue/controversy how you understand it in two-three paragraphs and explain your opinion, briefly

Eng 5
(3 page Personal Essay– research not required )*Here is where I want you to consider how what formed your opinion, the analysis of your own
meta-cognition. What influenced your point of view and why wont you change your mind?
Ruggerio Part 1 What do we believe? How good are your opinions? ( Chapters 1-5) TEXT
Chapter 11 Allegory of the Cave p. 583
allegory of the cave animated
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=N6LUptADIww*Its useful to consider a topic that you have strong feelings about.
It’s a controversial issue where our logic is weakened–we have a hard time seeing the other side.
*You may also write about a topic or controversial issue that you understand as complicated and that you have some ambivalence or hesitancy/uncertainty where you don’t feel like coming down
on “one side or another”

*Next consider the OVERALL influences in your life that has shaped/formed your opinion or questioning attitude:
*The obvious notions you need to describe are related to your family/culture/religion and what you have been EXPOSED to in addition beyond your primal sources–
~media, travel, social and economic diversity
~personal reading and research/ attending school
~experiences beyond your family of origin
~specific “life-changing” events
*The task here is not to convince readers of the correctness of your stance or point of view,
but writing to carefully assess the formation of your own opinion regarding a particular topic and coming to terms with your own process towards open-mindedness and critical thinkingor the lack thereof , in relation to this controversy.*Here’s a brainstorm of the obvious “push-button” issues.. Choose a topic..or choose your own
Women’s Reproductive Rights/ Women’s Right to Choose
Charter Schools
Citizen-Voting Rights
Gay Marriage
Capital Punishment
Immigration reform
Domestic Violence
Animal Cruelty
Baby Circumcision
Child Pornography
Public Funding for Public Education
Healthcare for All
Immigration reform
Women in combat
Capital punishmen/death penalty
Domestic violence
Baby circumcision