Describe the country’s behavioral tendencies as described in each of Hofstede’s Dimensions Your research should use reputable sources with citations written in APA format.

Doing Business in [A Country of Your Choice] (Research Paper)Cover the following aspects of doing business in a country of your choice:General InformationLocationLanguageCapitalPopulationEthnicityReligionClimateCurrencyGDP CultureFamilyCuisineMusicSportsCelebrations Business EtiquetteWorking hoursWomen in businessBusiness MealsTime and punctualityGreeting ProtocolsDress CodeDos and Donts in businessHofstede’s DimensionsYou need to list all of your sources on a separate Reference page. There must be minimum of nine reputable sources each source 5 years old or less. Deliverables: Research paper: 9 to 12 pages MAXIMUM in length to include the Reference pageFormat: Numbered pages beginning with Page 2 on the second page (upper right-hand corner); No title page, only name, assignment identification, course number, and date in the upper right-hand corner;