describe the basics of the proposals. Would any of them significantly reduce Rawhides debt-to-equity ratio?

Your mini case is on “RawHide Brewery” Please google or Youtube the mini case on this company and follow the directions below:

Below is a description of the case:
~ Rawhide Brewery
There are three different proposals contained in the case study: two proposals made by Andrew Upson, and one counter-proposal made by Bruce McAlpline. For your assignment, you are to evaluate these.
If so, how would they accomplish that. If not, explain why not. Based on an accounting valuation, which proposal is the best for Rawhide?Second, develop a decision model for the decision. Assign a probability of acceptance to each of the three proposals and calculate an expected value for each decision. If you have to make some assumptions, be sure that you state them. Based on the expected values, which decision is the best for Rawhide?Finally, discuss the differences between your answers above. What is the optimal decision for Rawhide and why?**ALL PAPERS WILL BE RAN THROUGH PLAGARISM SOFTWARE**The case shoud have the following:IntroductionBackground of the Business ProblemBusiness Proposal/OptionsConclusion**Questions to address in the mini-case: 1.) Come up with a business solution that addresses the issue being faced without causing any further problems for the company.Your response should have the following objectives:First: present your main ideas with clarity and emphasis. Don’t let the reader make any assumptions or linkagesbe explicit about them in your writing so that the reader doesn’t have to make them.Second: put the claim in obvious locations such as near the beginning or end of your writing. Try to avoid burying major claims in the middle of your writing; they can be very difficult to locate for the reader. Again, be explicit here.Always cite sources to validate your analysis. Do not just write what you think. You must demonstrate you understand the case and how to apply the business principles to resolve the case study. Make certain you properly cite.A well structured paragraph has headers and/or sub headers, properly structured paragraph (3-5 sentences).Third, state your recommendation, but based on business principles.Fourth, make certain the title page is in APA formatting.Finally, your final claim should be the conclusion.You must follow APA formatting guidelines. Use for guidance