. Describe qualitatively the speed of the satellites in LEO, MEO, Molniya, and GEO orbits. For example, in which orbit, would the satellite travel the fastest and why? In which orbit, would the satellite travel the slowest and why?

Note: it is not necessary to perform calculations to get a full credit, although it would be impressive if done.2. Satellites are considered essential for modern communication infrastructure. Satellite communication can even be more useful during natural or man-made disasters than during normal time. Can you explain why that is? Give an example of a country that deems that communication satellites are so ideal, useful, and indispensable that the country joined the elite group of space-faring nations even before the country could afford fast trains, super highways, and other modern infrastructures. Please research this topic and write a 2-page summary (double space, 11 or 12 point fonts, not including references or figures) on your research. Please make sure that you include references. 3. Space weather to is very important to satellite communication. In fact, space weather is among the essential items that are in the briefing that the president of the United States gets every morning. Space weather can disrupt satellite communication and other infrastructures and assets.