Describe one strategy you consider effective in strengthening coping skills for military families and explain why.

Discussion: Coping Strategies Coping with military life can vary. While research supports the notion that military families are resilient, it does not mean every military family copes the same way. Some cope better than others. Some have the mechanisms in place to be resilient, while others struggle. As a helping professional, it is important that you gain insight into coping strategies and coping behavior in general, as well as how some military families cope in order to provide effective support services. For this Discussion, review this weeks resources. Select at least two of the articles to support your response. You may select your own scholarly article in lieu of one presented. In addition, review the media, How Families Cope. Pay particular attention to the coping strategies of families presented in the media and whether or not those strategies were successful. By Day 3 Post an explanation of what you consider important to know about the military experience and family coping strategies. Given your specialization (., social worker, counselor, case manager, marriage and family counselor, school counselor), how might this information inform how you work with military families, children, or spouses?