Describe horizontal federalism, identify its relevant provisions in the U.S. Constitution, and explain the effects of these provisions on inter-state relations

Part one already is already done, i need part to finish. thanks!Complete Part I. Essay Questions and Part II. Web ExerciseYou should complete the questions on a Word document and upload into the submission box.Part. I. In a paragraph or two (per question) answer the three essay questions below. Essays will be graded based on content and style. Be careful about spelling and grammar. Sloppy or incomplete work will be graded accordingly.1. List and discuss the major benefits and drawbacks of federalism.2. Explain how money and Supreme Court rulings shifted power to the federal government.3. .Part II. Web Exercise: Go to Destinations on Dye Web page.1. Click Library of Congress: Historical DocumentsGo To: Primary Documents in American History and click: The Federalist PapersAnswer the following question:Of the 85 essays, which essays pertain specifically to the relationship between the states and the national government? Examine one of the essays and briefly explain (one or two paragraphs) why it pertains to federalism.