Critically assess the allocated case study identifying the context, culture and drivers for change as well as the barriers to change.

Case Study – Rolls Royce Within this document you will find information about Rolls Royce. There are 3 articles taken from different sources, so you can see how different news agencies report the same story. There are also some additional links given at the end, so that you can do your own research, please use other sources as well as those given. Assessment Question: Using appropriate models and theory develop and justify a plan for the implementation of successful change in the case study organisation Explain how the most significant barriers to change will be overcome. You are expected to do additional research into the organisation to understand its history and current position, updating the information that is presented here to the date of your writing the assignment. In identifying the context of the organisation in part 1, you should demonstrate that you have researched the organisation and its competitors so that you can show an understanding of the organisations internal, external and competitive environment You may wish to state whether you are writing your report from the perspective of an internal or external change agent, and justify your position.