Create a report (suggested length of 35 pages) in which you discuss strategies for managing conflict caused by cuts in overtime pay.

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Competency 3039.1.2: Job Analysis – The graduate evaluates jobs and develops job descriptions.
Competency 3039.1.5: Employee Relations – The graduate identifies employee-relations activities, policies, and procedures for balancing the rights of employer and employee in order to support strategic goals, objectives, and values of the organization.
In todays hypercompetitive business environment, an organizations sustainable competitive advantage is derived largely from intangible assets: human, social, and intellectual capital. Intangible assets are produced by skilled, capable workers. Human resource professionals enable current and future organizational competitiveness by maintaining an adequate supply of people with the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to produce these resources. This is accomplished through workforce planning, recruitment and selection of top-quality talent, and effective employee relations management. As a human resource professional, your ability to effectively identify your organizations need for employees, plan and implement employee recruitment and selection strategies, and manage employee relations will directly contribute to your organizations success.
You are the newly appointed director of human resource management for the police department of a city in the northeastern United States. Your organization has struggled to hire new police officers for some time. Your predecessor attempted to increase recruitment and selection of new officers by implementing an employee referral plan; however, the number of new officers hired through referrals has fallen short of hiring goals. The need for police officers intensified when your citys newly elected mayor promised to lower crime by increasing the number of police patrols in high-crime areas. The police department has met the need for increased patrols by assigning existing police officers additional hours and paying overtime wages. As the number of hours worked and overtime payments increased over time, the practiceoriginally intended to be a short-term remedyattracted unwanted attention. A front-page article in your citys newspaper has revealed that three police officers earned higher annual salaries than the mayor, due to excessive overtime. Stung and embarrassed by this disclosure, the mayor fired your predecessor and put you in his place. Both the mayor and your boss have given orders to reduce overtime by hiring new police officers immediately! The mayors mandate to cut the overtime of currently employed police officers has created an employee relations problem. Officers on the citys police force have worked extra hours for so long that the extra overtime pay is now perceived as an entitlement. Some police officers have assumed loans or increased living expenses in the expectation that the opportunity to earn overtime pay would continue. The officers are now unhappy that their ability to earn overtime pay will be greatly reduced (by the hiring of new police recruits) and are upset by the manner in which they learned about city managements decision to cut overtime pay. Representatives of the officers union have responded with the attached Memo on Police Officers Reaction to Planned Cuts in Overtime Pay. You must manage the current conflict between the police officers and city management and try to prevent future conflicts
by developing a workplace culture that creates a positive work environment for employees and management. You will also revise job descriptions and selection procedures using the attached Job of City Police Officers to make managing workplace conflict a required job competency.

A. Discuss three causes of workplace conflict between the citys police officers and city management in the current situation.
B. Discuss two possible short-term outcomes if the conflict is not resolved.
C. Discuss two possible long-term outcomes if the conflict is not resolved.
D. Discuss three possible actions for resolving the current conflict about overtime pay.
E. Design a plan to create a more positive work culture in the citys police department by doing the following:
1. Discuss two basic components of a work culture that prevent negative conflict.
2. Create two new specifications for the required section of the attached Job
of City Police Officers that relate to a candidates ability to effectively
manage workplace conflict.
3. Create three situational interview questions designed to illuminate a job candidates
competency in managing workplace conflict.
F. Explain two methods of evaluating improvements in employee relations in the city police department.
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