Consider including details such as; what the organisation does; its scope and scale; the industry it operates in; its market value; when and how the organisation was created

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Word Limit: 1500 words (Plus or minus (+/-) 10% leeway)

Learning outcomes assessed:

Understand the structures and characteristics of organisations.Background

Recognise the principles of modern management Identify the relationship between strategic objectives, functional management and the business environment.
The video gaming industry is unassumingly becoming a huge revenue generating industry globally, with an average of 3.35 Billion contributed to the UK economy alone in 2017. Operating in the popular social gaming space is the company Rovio Entertainment Corporation (formerly called Relude and Rovio Mobile): makers of the popular ANGRY BIRDS franchise. The sustained successes and popularity of this company, who have had a fairly consistent management team for over a decade of its existence, showcases the importance of effective managerial and leadership practices in business organisations. And this exposes the need for traditional managers to continuously create a more conducive, innovative and creative environment for their businesses to thrive.RovioAssignment Questions Using reliable information from own independent research on the company Rovio Entertainment Corporation and knowledge of effective management and organisational practices, learnt on the module, carefully address the following tasks:

Task 2 Identify the organisational structure of the company and analyse how this structure facilitates its functionality. (Consider including relevant definition of terms and, where possible, useful diagrams)

Task 3 Suggest one modern management approach that could be used in the company to improve its functionality.(Consider modern management approaches such as situational, contingent, systems etc.)

Task 4 Using Charles Handys cultural framework, identify and analyse the relevance of the companys organisational culture to its on-going success. (Consider including relevant definition of terms)

Task 5 Critically analyse two innovative strategic management objectives of the company. (Consider using any strategic management framework of your choice such as Ansoff matrix, Porters Generic Strategy Matrix, SWOT analysis, etc. to explain the identified objectives)Course work Layout Instructions
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Table of Content (Not included in the total word count) Introduction (100 words and 5 marks)
Task 1 (200 words and 10 marks)
Task 2 (200 words and 20 marks)
Task 3 (300words and 20 marks)
Task 4 (300words and 20 marks)
Task 5 (300 words and 20 marks)
Conclusion (100 words and 5 marks)
Reference List (Not included in the total word count)Key Reading List:

Drafke M., and Murtaugh J. (2009) The Human Side of Organizations 10th ed., FT Prentice Hall

Johnson G., Whittington, R., Scholes, K., Angwin, D., and Regner, P. (2014). Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases. 10th edn Harlow:Pearson

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Your work must demonstrate evidence of wider reading and research on the module contents significantly more in numbers than the reading list provided in this brief. This will in turn help improve your work quality and grade marks.End of Assignment BriefPlease write me a customise report format consisting of 1500 (10 +/-) words count ‘0’ percent plagiarism free on the above topic addressing the sources I have listed.This would enable or be tremendous help to me it will certainly give me the outline or guideline of the assignment.Please follow the instructions very carefully by including in-text citation, quotation mark as and where needed appropriately. The referencing or work cited source must or should be in Harvard style and in alphabetical order using separate break page. After completion of the paper piece work please peruse, proofread and check for the spelling mistake, grammatical errors. punctuation and academic vocabulary words are being used. Thank you, in advance,if you need to contact me then you may do so on the communication platform. GOOD LUCK ! ! please do your best on this assignment. I am counting on you. Pass mark 40% out of 100%.Bear in mind this is my 2nd attempt resit I have fail the 1st attempt by 10%.