compose a memo that describes how your instructions are rhetorically effective and how they were shaped by your usability testing.

For this assignment, your peer editing group will collaborate to complete four tasks: 1) you will create a set of instructions; 2) once you have a draft of those instructions, you’ll design and perform a usability test; 3) you will revise your instructions based on feedback from the usability test; and In this memo you will also describe each member of the group’s role in creating the instructions and user testing them. The components are described below in a linear order, but your group will work on these four tasks simultaneously.Because you’re working in a group for this project, you should begin by developing member roles, a work plan, and a timetable with firm deadlines. Section 3.4 (pages 62-64) in our textbook address working in virtual teams. Your group can draft your instructions using Google Docs (see section11.6, page 341-343, for more information on using Google Docs as a collaborative tool).