Compare and contrast the Korean and Japanese companies. Consider the following: a)HRM system of Japanese and Korean

b) Internationalisation activities of Japanese firm and Korean firms
c)Innovation Management of Japanese and Korean firms
Lecturer advice students to :

a. sum up their answers in the introduction;

b. back up statements with evidence.
Ex “foreigners changed Japanese firms” or “keiretsu are worse/better than chaebol” are substantive statements unless you can state which foreigners changed Japanese firms in what way, or how keiretsu are better/worse than chaebol in what ways. Explicit examples and precise statements are key to doing well on the essay.

c. keep to the topic. If it’s a related topic but not directly relevant to the essay question, leave it out. Otherwise, it shows that you cannot distinguish from relevant vs irrelevant facts.

d. make sure you have a conclusion

e. write legibly.