Collect information about the familys current life cycle stage(s) and family functioning styles, patterns and quality. Which family assessments might you use if you were this familys counselor?

For the purpose of this assignment you will conduct a single interview with a family (two or more
members) to assess family processes and development. The family must be a family that is not
your own. Interviews typically last between 45-90 minutes, depending on the family, and should
be conducted with as many members as possible present.
You are required to create a fictional name for your family to help maintain their anonymity and
confidentiality. Follow-up questions and other salient questions and topics may be explored with each
family as you see fit.
Please be sure to ask enough questions to obtain the information you need to:
Complete a thorough family chronology (members, ages, significant family events, length of
relationships, recent expansion or contraction of the family system)
Summarize the familys rules, roles, boundaries, expectations, cultural and ethnic influences,
spiritual and or religious background, community involvement, personal interests etc. Be sure to
use clinical language to support your conceptualization of this family.
Summarize the familys strengths and discuss how concepts related to wellness could be
incorporated in supporting this family. Determine who you would include in couples or family
counseling sessions if you were to see this family as a client, and justify your response.

The paper will be assessed according to the prescribed Assignment and Final Project rubric.
Particular assessment and grading attention will be given to your discussion of the relevant
stages, interactions, developmental and systemic elements of the family life cycle, as well as the
varying family structural forms, socio-cultural contexts and developmental challenges relevant to
promoting wellness in the family.