Circular economy: a paradigm shift toward sustainable development? An analysis of applications and challenges

This is a research proposal for PhD in Business Management. I have gone through number of articles but what confuses me which approach and methodology will be right for my research topic. Literature is spanning from bibliometric analysis to systematic review to case studies, to empirical investigation.! Instructions: While writing proposal please allow yourself to choose the best possible method and approach to the study. Provide justifications and reason why such ,method will be helpful and who else has used that approach and method? Also clearly identify data collection sources and techniques. Fundamentally, I am interested in the following research questions, however, writer may alter them (edit or omit any of them keeping in view the research topic). 1. How the concept of Circular Economy (CE) is linked with interdisciplinary fields? Tracing the theoretical origin. 2. Is CE a new paradigm shift toward sustainable development? 3. What are the applications of CE in sustainable business models? 4. What are the challenges faced in the applications and implementation of CE at micro, meso and macro level? 5. What are the limitations of CE? In connection with this proposal, I am sharing one of my master’s assignments and few important research articles for your ease to have a better understanding of the research area. The format of the proposal should follow an abstract, introduction, literature review, significance of the study, aims and objectives, research questions, motivation, research methodology, research structure and a timeline.