Choose a topic in customer service about emerging trends or challenges and write a 5 – 8 page research report on the topic.

This is a scholarly paper that should utilize a minimum of 4 sources. You may NOT use Wikepedia or your text to count toward these sources. Use MLA or APA style to cite the sources you use. Format the paper in a MS Word or .doc file and upload. Times Roman 10 point type and 1″ margins are required. Include a works cited or bibliography page as well. Please double space, but do not double-double space between paragraphs Possible topics include but are not limited to: Dealing with Difficult Customers Speed & Agility in Customer Expectations, Multiple Channel Service Social Media & Customer Service Mobile Apps Knowledge Management Voice of Customer Programs Outsourcing Customer Service Customer Share vs Market Share Customer Relations Management Systems Changing Demographics & Customer Service to Millennials Understanding and utilizing Body Language This a a very important part of the course work. It is expected that the paper will be scholarly, utilize proper grammar and punctuation and be very detailed in it’s analysis of the emerging trend or challenge in customer service.