Choose a specific topic on the subject of migrant and refugee health (random examples: climate refugees; the Syrian refugee crisis; the health of migrant farmworkers in the U.S.).

It may help you to choose something specific and population bound, though that is not necessary as long as you are able to be concise in your writing. If you have trouble thinking of a topic, email your instructor for suggestions. Tip: be sure to choose a topic that interests you! STEP 2: Describe the topic you have selected, including relevant research (try to stay current in your citations, unless you are citing a foundational paper). STEP 3: Analyze, in depth, the relationship between refugee or migrant status and health. What policies, social tensions, or political economic processes are at play? What are the key debates surrounding this topic? What current research, policies, or programs are relevant? What is the evidence around health disparities for your population? What are some potential solutions? HINT: this is the meat of the assignment. STEP 4: Conclude with any thoughts on future advances on this topic, challenges to addressing the issue, or promising programs or policy directions that stand out to you, according to your research.