briefly define the types of political cultures outlined by Elezar. Then, provide a few examples and explanations of representation types (such as, descriptive, proportional, Party Voting, etc.)

Be comprehensive in your response. Address all parts of the questions fully, and demonstrate that you have a complete understanding of the material. A good goal is to write 250-300 words for your response to EACH question (500 – 600 words total).
Cite references to the textbook and any other materials you use to support your answer using MLA, APA, or Chicago style citations. Do not plagiarize. Note that Wikipedia is not an acceptable source in any college writing. You must include citations.
If you would like to cite from a Video Engager, lecture, or other course content, cite as an online source authored by Kristina Mitchell 2017. Do your best to include all necessary content in your works cited and internal citations.
Generate a thoughtful, critical analysis of the content.
Most importantly, be respectful. Any racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, or disrespect of any kind will result in a zero for the assignment. If you are unsure whether what youre writing is disrespectful, do not write it.Short Answer Prompt
Respond to both of the following questions (your complete response should be a TOTAL of 500-600 words, or 250-300 words PER question).
What is sovereignty? What is the purpose of government? Explain the origins of federalism as a part of American democracy, and the role of states in decision-making in our government.
In Unit 3 you learned about political culture, and in Unit 4, you learned about political representation. . Finally, explain how a regions political culture might affect the type of political representation used.