1)Choose a single news story which has been covered in the last year. It must be a news story which covers an event, and therefore has many articles written about it over the span of at least an entire week. You can search news website archives for older stories.
(For example: The Olympics or another sporting event, NY Fashion week, a product, a lawsuit..)

You can either follow the news story on a single news site and see how the story is covered over the course of a week – or alternatively, you can use a variety of news sources and see how they cover the story differently. **NOTE** You must read and write about the same topic so choose wisely 🙂

2)Search on reputable, verified news websites for the news story
You can use or any other English based official news source discussed in class. DO not use a fake news or blog site. It must be a news sourcE
How to Write your Blog:

Each blog should be about 250-350 words in length. Blogs tend to contain personal analysis and language and are often formatted in multiple paragraphs to allow the reader to easily skim. Make sure each mini paragraph is well organized and that the content is relevant in each section. You may use headings with catchy titles if you wish, and each blog should have a title. The content should be concise, to the point, catchy and not too wordy. Avoid repetition!

Try to answer the following questions when writing each blog as a guideline (you can include your opinion and write in first person) The questions do not need to be answered in the order presented here.

-What is the story about?: Provide a brief objective summary of the news story was about (2-3 sentences)
-Was the story neutral/ objective?: (Did the story have bias, and why do you think so? (2-3 sentences)
-What did you learn?: Explain new information which you were not aware of before reading the story (1-2 sentences)
-Is this story useful?: How can the public benefit from this information and is it useful for the public to have this knowledge? Can you ask a provocative question about the larger issue it represents to keep the reader interested (a hook or cliffhanger conclusion or intro) 2-3 sentences