(B) Identify and describe several individuals or communities (at least 3-5) outside of this class that you can utilize to apply what we learn in class. Emotional Intelligence:

There are three parts to this assignment. Please be complete with your responses, remember I can only go by what you write, I cannot infer or ask you follow up questions. Some of the responses will be longer or more involved than others, therefore point totals will vary.
Community Identification:
(A) Recall and integrate Banduras social learning theory and how it applies to you and how youll approach improving your management skills.

Complete the S-2 Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (located in the module), then:
(A) Enter the scores for the 5 emotional competencies then interpret and identify as a strength, needs attention, or development priority
Write an analysis of your results, provide examples, and provide 3-5 actions to can take to improve your emotional intelligence (this part is different from the handout).Case Study:
Read and complete the questions provided for the manage what scenario #2 on page 158: The Elevator pitch, making your case in a very short time. Make sure to label each question so I know what you are answering. It is very important that you make it obvious to me that you read, understood, and can apply course material use chapter concepts and provide depth and detail.The Elevator Pitch: Making Your Case in a Very Short Time
You manage a team of writers for the local newspaper. Your staff is hard working and very willing to put in long hours to make deadlines, but they have to work with electronic equipment that is outdated and commonly crashes. While you recognize that other departments at the paper do similar work and have similar needs, you feel your team needs a little more than their standard allocation for upgrades in this years budget. You mention this problem in a meeting with your boss, and she replies, Well, your timing is perfect. Im on my way to a budget meeting upstairs on the 18th floor. Why dont you take the elevator with me and give me what I need to present to the budget committee, and Ill see if I can convince them to increase your allocation.
What key strategies should you follow in creating and delivering your pitch? Are there any must-dos you should con- sider if you want to be persuasive? What common mistakes should you try to avoid?