Analyze the major elements that you have identified on your list. What evidence did you uncover that contributed to the creation of the problem?

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READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE (no headers needed)MANAGERS HOTSEATYou will have to read a short transcript to a video between two people in the business world. I will upload the transcript with this order.After reading the transcript of the conversation and understanding the full scenario you must:First, Identify the problem(s) and draft a clear and concise problem statement for the case. This means starting your case response with…. THE CRITICAL PROBLEM IN THIS CASE IS…….. Remember the rest of your effort should then be directed at solving the problem you have designated in your problem statement. Next, make and informal list or brief description of the major elements contributing to the case problem.Next, Interpret the evidence by describing at least points of view (often conflicting) that could be associated with the evidence you identified. Remember to distinguish between opinion and the “facts” of the case.Then, Evaluate the facts or elements of the case problem. Your experience will, in most cases, have some influence on your evaluation of the facts/elements of the case. Consider your experience but try to refrain from relying heavily on personal opinions. Be aware of personal biases. Now is the time to reach into your knowledge of business management definitions, principles and practices to determine what is reasonable about the conflicting arguments and potential solutions. Among other things, consider if the people/data/information sources surrounding the case problem are believable or reasonable.Now, Decide on the most effective solution for the problem statement.