Analyze how the what relates to the how (how the topic and ideas, and the layout/construction/etc. work together or dont). Decide which texts, of the SIX youve chosen, seem the most successful given their rhetorical situations.

(p. 45 in Textbook, with some modifications)For the next step toward your final semester project (the multimodal presentation), you will complete the Write/Design Assignment on p. 45 in the textbook. Ive modified the instructions a bit, so please READ BELOW:To narrow your topic idea and help you think about ways to design your multimodal project, use the following steps. Please separate the sections into organized paragraphs, or number them if you like:1. Find and read SIX texts/items on your topic, across a range of media. That is, make sure you are finding and using a diverse group of sources. Then repeat the set of steps below for each texts/items.
2. Create an MLA-style citation for each text.
3. List the arguments, points, or key ideas those texts offer about your topic. This is the what.
4. Next, list the genres, modes, and multimodal design choices (think back to the list of modes in Chapter 1linguistic, visual, aural, spatial, and gesturaland the design choices in Chapter 2 emphasis, contrast, organization, alignment, and proximity) that the texts use. This is the how. **Make sure you use the terminology from this step, the terminology from the textbook, in your paper.

6. Identify which themes in those successful texts most inspire you to do further research. (If a key idea seems to be missing from the list you compiled in step 2, that might also be a good place to do more research.) Shorten your list of themes down to one or two ideas.You will complete all steps in the assignment. Please organize your finished assignment in focused sections or paragraphs. The whole assignment should be at least 1000 words.
THE BOOK’S NAME IS ” WRITER/DESIGNER: A GUIDE TO MAKING MULTIMODAL PROJECT” I will provide my bookshelf account to help you read the p.45

Grading Rubric:Criteria: Points: Commentary:
There are 6 texts analyzed 10 The chosen texts are from a variety of different mediathey are diverse! 10 The arguments, points, or key ideas in each text are explained. (The what of each text is explained) 15
The genres, modes, and multimodal design choices of each text are explored.
(The how of each text is explored). This section demonstrates an understanding of the mode/design choice terminology from the textbook. 15
Student analyzes how the what relates to the how in each text.
(rhetorically analysis takes place) 15
Student narrows down the ideas presented in the research to refine down to one or two main themes for further research and composition. 5
Finished assignment is at least FOUR double-spaced pages long. 10
Finished assignment is carefully proofread, neatly presented, and mostly clean/free of errors. 10
Finished assignment includes a Works Cited page, in correct MLA format, listing all 6 texts student has analyzed. 10
Total: /100 points