Analyse and explore (you are being asked to make judgements about what you read) Contemporary research literature (make decision about your cut off date. Government, WHO reports, NICE guidance is not research)

assignment titleIdentify with good reason a public health issue relevant to your field of nursing. Analyse and explore contemporary research literature to identify areas for service improvement. title contentIdentify with good reason (what is the justification for your choice of topic?)
A public health issue (not about evaluating quality of care but about preventing health, illness, disease and promoting positive health and well-being)
Relevant to your field of nursing (doesnt have to be about your field of nursing or exclusive to your field)

Identify areas for service improvement (emphasis is on service) introduction What is the purpose of the essay?
Define public health, literature review
Introduce your topic and question
Briefly explain what you are going to do i.e. access and analyse relevant research literature in the field etc.
Justification for your choice e.g. scale of risks, costs to NHS (This is where you can use Gov/WHO reports
Relevance to your field of nursingmethodology How did you search the literature? Refer to any initial reviews
What did you use? E.g. NELSON, University databases of literature – why?
What types of literature did you exclude? Why?
Did you refine your search terms? How? Why?
How did you critically analyse the literature retrieved?
What tools did you use? Evidence?
Did you compile a matrix of relevant literature that is included in appendix?
If not how else did you synthesize the literature used to come up with your themes?themesBetween 3 and 5 themes gives you scope to demonstrate your analysis
You need to demonstrate skills in critical analysis, that is, what literature fits together, is their anything that doesnt fit?
Ask yourself why, are there any contradictions in the literature, or are there any gaps or weaknesses in the literature that need discussion or further analysis?
Read around critical analysis to aid understanding
(CRAP mnemonic). service improvementYour improvement must follow on logically from your review, that is what did you learn from critical analysing the literature?
Avoid generalisations e.g. more research is needed, more resources are needed, more education is needed.