An auto parts manufacturer wants to be on the side of efficiency on the efficiency-responsiveness spectrum. What are some of the ways it could use transportation driver to achieve the goal of being efficient?

Question 2: Most companies use more than one type of distribution network depending on the characteristics of the product and the competitive strategy of the company. A furniture manufacturer assembles and sells three types of office chairs: Comfortable, Ergonomic and Executive. The first type Comfortable is a very popular chair with a stable demand as it is of a good quality and inexpensive. Ergonomic is a chair that is more expensive as it is highly adjustable. It is popular among customers whose job requires them to sit for long hours at a stretch. Therefore, their demand is not very high. Executive, on the other hand, is made of very expensive leather and therefore has a very low demand. What distribution network or networks would you recommend for the furniture manufacturer? Justify your responses.