After reading the article concerning online reviews (attached), think about when you use online reviews (if at all). Have you ever reviewed anything online? What products do you typically use online reviews to evaluate? Which products do you rarely (if ever) use online reviews?

When I worked in the restaurant business, it was drilled in us that if you gave great service to ten people, you were lucky if, collectively, they told one person. But, if you gave one person bad service, it was guaranteed that they would tell at least ten people. This holds very true for many healthcare providers. Many will only have a few reviews online, and it is usually because someone was upset and went online to write a negative review. Most patients who have a good experience don’t go online to talk about it. Some businesses / industries overcome this, receiving better online ratings by getting large numbers of people to provide feedback. For example, the movie site iMDB has engaged masses of people to leave feedback. This helps to illustrate a more representative sample.Think about working as a risk analyst for a municipality, how can your work better engage customers in providing good reviews that others will see & hear about, helping to grow the department you work for.