According to Morgenthau, why is diplomacy in decline? Do you agree with him or not? Explain your view (please contact me for chapter 24 from Morgenthau’s book)

Prompt: Discuss the origins of the Cold War. Is it best explained by distrust and misperception? By conflicting national interests? By failed diplomacy? By competing ideologies? Or what? Explain your answer.Prompt: Contrast the Cold War strategy of statecraft, characterized by dtente, with the strategy of force, employed by the Reagan administration. In your opinion, to what extent can the end of the Cold War be attributed to Reagans strategy? Explain.Prompt: What is the diplomatic revolution the authors of our text write about? In their view, why was it so significant during the interwar period, 1919-1939.Prompt: What was the League of Nations? How did it come into being? What were its goals? According to our text, why did it fail?Prompt: As diplomats and leaders planned for the postwar settlement that would follow the Second World War, what lessons did they draw from the mistakes made following World War I? In your opinion, to what extent did they avoid making the same mistakes?Prompt: Discuss how the UN reflects some of the features of the diplomatic revolution.Prompt: What are some of the major transitions facing the international system today? In your opinion, which is the most significant? Why?Prompt: According to our text, what are some of the challenges to nation-states and national sovereignty? In your opinion, is the strength of national sovereignty decreasing, as our authors seem to suggest? Or not? Explain your view.