“Abnormal Psychology in the Movies and on TV”

**Paper Guidelines** In this course, we talk about how psychopathology is portrayed in our society and how this affects the lives of those with mental illnesses. Because most people dont have expertise in abnormal psychology, public perceptions about psychopathology are strongly influenced by the media, including popular movies and television. Information presented in the media can be sympathetic and enlightening or can perpetuate the stigma often associated with mental illness. This stigma limits opportunities for individuals with mental illnesses and often prevents them from seeking appropriate help. For this assignment, you will critically evaluate the accuracy of information recently presented in the movies or on TV on some form of psychopathology, and discuss how this presentation might influence public opinion. “Abnormal Psychology in the Movies and on TV” One of the most visible places to find examples of abnormal psychology is in movies or on TV. This assignment will involve watching a popular film or TV show that depicts some form of psychopathology. In your paper, you will provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the character with the disorder, and discuss his/her symptoms, treatment, and as the mental health profession in general. Finally, you will be asked to discuss the film’s characterization in light of the current understanding of this disorder. Paper Guidelines 1. Choose a recent movie or television show that has a character with a mental illness 2. Introductory Paragraph: a. Introduce the movie and character you will be presenting b. A brief description of movie and character (1 paragraph max) c. Identify the primary diagnosis 3. Provide an overview of the disorder including age of onset, course, prevalence etc.. and any research that talks about the etiology (the origins) and/or the treatment of the disorder. This part of the paper should be approximately 2 pages double-spaced and should be in APA style. Please use a minimum of three peer-reviewed references (which should be cited in APA style). 4. Peer-reviewed references are generally journal articles that can be accessed from Psycho Info. I will post details on how to do an article search. 5. List symptoms for primary diagnosis using DSM 5 criteria and explain what character did (i.e. behavior) to qualify to have those symptoms 6. Discuss portrayal of disorder in movie. Was it realistic? What was not realistic? Was anything mentioned about treatment? If so, what? 7. Conclusion 8. References (minimum 3) in APA style 9. Paper should be 6-8 pages in length double spaced. Bellow are a few movie suggestions that I had come up to mind 1. Fight Club 2. Split (by M. Night Shyamalan) Please feel free to write in on any other movie you may have in mind, as long as it relates to the paper topic. (Use your best judgment for this one!) Attached is also the guidelines and a sample essay to give you an idea on how the paper should look, along with instructions on how to log in and use Psyinfor for the peeer reviews. I will send you my psyinfo log in soon, once i reset my password. Please take you time, I need a good grade on this. Thank you. any questions just ask.