a. Which of the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, discussed in the chapter, do you see in Nick Woodman? To what degree do you think these characteristics have contributed to GoPros success?

b. How does GoPros basic business idea add value in the lives of its customers?
c. How do Nick Woodmans entrepreneurial actions debunk the myth that most entrepreneurs are motivated by money?
d. What are the most significant challenges GoPro faces in the future? Do you think GoPro will be able to meet the challenges or do you think the companys future is in doubt? Explain your answer.Case study 2:
a. What target market does Embrace seek to serve and how attractive is that market?
b. What examples of primary research that Embrace’s founders completed appear in the case?
c. What actions did Embrace’s founders take to solicit feedback from prospective customers and what did they learn from these efforts?
d. If you were asked to conduct a feasibility analysis of Embrace, what issue you consider to complete this analysis and why are those important?Case study 3:
a. How has Panera Bread established a unique position in the restaurant industry?
b. How has Panera Breads unique position in the restaurant industry contributed to the firms success?
c. What barriers to entry has Panera Bread created for potential competitors? How significant are these barriers?
d. What are Panera Breads primary sources of competitive advantage?
e. What are the ways that Panera Bread can conduct ethical and proper forms of competitive analysis to learn about potential competitors entering the fast-casual industry?Case study 6:
a. How has Proactiv gone about establishing a brand? To what degree do you believe Proactiv is important in its customers lives?
b. Discuss the things that Rodan and Fields learned, prior to meeting Guthy Renker, that persuaded them that infomercials were the best way to sell Proactiv. If Proactiv hadnt developed infomercials in partnership with Guthy Renker, do you think Proactiv would be in existence today? Why were infomercials a better choice than print or media advertising for Proactiv when the company was first being introduced.
c. Describe Proactivs positioning strategy. To what extent did the three critical marketing decisions discussed in the case shape the evolution of Proactivs positioning strategy?
d. What is the difference between Proactivs core product and its actual product? Describe its actual product and your assessment of whether the actual product provides an attractive mix of characteristics.Case study 7:
a. Uber’s organic or internal growth to this point in the firm’s life is quite dramatic. The following statement appeared in this chapter: “Effective thought it can be, there are limits to internal growth.” Given its striking internal growth to date, does the statement from the chapter apply to Uber? Why or why not?
b. The top five reasons new products fail are presented in table 14.2. If Uber were to fail, which of these five reasons would be most likely to explain the firm’s failure? Why?
c. Some firms might find Uber to be an attractive acquisition candidate. Why would this be the case? What type of firm or firms might be interested in acquiring Uber?
d. If Uber were to consider participating in a strategic alliance, what type of firm might be an appropriate partner for Uber and why? If you were a consultant, would you advise Uber to form a strategic alliance as part of its growth effort? Why or why not?Each question should be roughly 100 word response or 5-6 sentences if possible. if you have any questions about lectures message me and
-Topic was fully discussed with several supportive examples (4 or more major points, facts to each question, collectively with a clear and well-supported examples).
-Structure of the Case posted was clear and easy to follow capable of understanding while maintaining my interest.
-No errors in spelling and good grammar was applied.
-Provided insight to the Case from outside research as an effort to make each answer relevant and with considerable detail