A. Which evoking techniques are most appealing to you? B. What does chant talk sound like? Can you recognize change vs sustain talk C. Can you recognize the four flavors of ambivalence in motivational interviewing, when you hear someone speaking?

1. Research “EVOKING” phase of MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING in PSYCHIATRY. 2. On 1st page, answer each of the following questions individually: D. What techniques do you find helpful when working with an ambivalent person? 3. On page 2 of the paper, answer each of the following questions individually: A. Why do you want to make a change, what are reasons, what would some of the benefits be, and how might you go about making a change? What would be the first step? B. What do you know about a person’s motivations for a change? C. How do you know when you are hearing change talk? D. What can you do to intentionally evoke and strengthen change talk? E. What concerns, goals, or values might a person hold that encourage change? 4. In addition to your researched references, use the uploaded documents for references.