a. Explain the purpose, principles and practices of effective planning and assessment in early childhood education programs

You are required to observe four children and assess their learning in relation to two learning outcomes in the Victorian Framework. Introduce the children like a case study and discuss their needs. At least one of your children will have a suspected additional need. (CALD Culturally and linguistically diverse, development delay, ASD Autism Spectrum disorder etc.)
Discuss what effective planning needs to take place and what experiences the child may find difficult. You will also need to refer to what recording or documentation tools you have used to collect your information For example , for a child with separation anxiety you may rely on a running record to you look at your recording and see what helps settle the child or what changes could be made.
Discuss other reports which you may need to use like a child profile sheet, second year funding process or what would need to be included in a transition statement. As a professional you will discuss what additional support you require such as Kis Funding, Behavioural Paediatrician. Please include references and early childhood theory which can assist you in assessing each child.
In addition please include at least two observations in your appendix.Learning outcomes:

b. Analyse relevant experiences and assessment tasks to assess learner outcomes
c. Analyse a range of recording tools
d. Analyse and interpret assessment data to support planning and inform teaching practice
e. Explain critical aspects of planning and assessment to parents and relevant stakeholders (including the use of Transition Statements)
f. Identify children who may have additional needs and recommend appropriate follow up strategies